Sig Sauer Media Day

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the High Speed Gear and Sig Sauer Media event in Swansboro Noth Carolina. The first part of the event was touring the High Speed Gear plant and assembling some custom Battle Belts as we learned about the company. You can read that article by following this link.   After lunch, Raul and Doug, from Sig Sauer, gave us the run down on the new Sig MCX Virtus, Romeo 4T red dot, and P320 X5 in preparation for live fire the next day at Spartan Ranch. 

I arrived that morning to find my friend Danny Doman with Defense Targets setting up his steel and paper targets for the range day. Shortly after the writers gathered for the safety briefing, we began to get accustomed to the MCX Virtus and P320 X5. I brought along my Sig P320 Nitron purchased from Sig after my review, which you can read by following this link. To get some more rounds through that pistol. We spent the day with Doug as RO, him being an instructor at the Sig Academy, as he introduced to some fantastic drills for rifle and handgun. The instruction was sound, and the range ran safely and smoothly with zero issues throughout the day.  After a solid day of drills and range time I became fond of the MCX Virtus and P320 X5 but to be totally honest I prefer the P320 Nitron over the X5.

Warming up at the firing line.

Getting acquainted with the Virtus.

I spent about half of the day running my P320 Nitron without issue, which puts me well past a 1000 rounds without a failure.

Jeff Cress with Gear Report.  on the X5.

A huge thank you to

Sig Sauer

High Speed Gear

Sig Ammo

Defense Targets

Spartan Ranch

Gear Report

Spotter Up Tactical

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