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1911 Magazine Design

Just recently, a flurry of sudden interest has emerged due to my sending a test magazine to a member in hopes of addressing his recurrent 3-Point Jam/Failure to go to battery headaches. It’s a specific type of magazine, that…although is only a slight modification of hundred year-old technology…is largely unnoticed by the large percentage of […]

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Get a grip with AlumaGrips, replacement grips for handguns

Get a grip with AlumaGrips, replacement grips for handguns Replacing the stocks, or grips to some, on your pistol serves several purposes. First and foremost for me, some handguns come with stocks that maybe just don’t do it for you in keeping a solid purchase on your handgun. That is the utilitarian reason but there […]

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1911 Recoil Spring Information

1911 Recoil Spring Information Back in the day, there was only one spring for the 5-inch 1911 pistol…and it wasn’t identified by “pounds.” Neither was it the now-accepted standard 16 pound spring. Sometime in the last 30 years, 16 pounds came to be standard, and everybody accepted that figure…because it was close enough for gub’mint […]

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Defender Ammunition, shooting you straight.

Defender Ammunition, shooting you straight. We have been using a lot of Defender Ammunition in many of our reviews and I had enough data in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, .223 Remington and 300 Blackout that I figured it would be a good idea to showcase the test ammunition in it’s own review. Using […]

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The Myth of Firing Out of Battery et al

The Myth of Firing Out of Battery We occasionally hear about somebody blowing up a 1911…usually with reloads, and usually loaded on a progressive press…but sometimes on a single-stage press. Of course, nobody wants to believe that this event was caused by a double charge…because nobody wants to admit that they made a mistake or […]

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Colt Model 01918, an old warhorse is revisited

An Old Warhorse is Revived. The pistol itself is intended to be a reproduction of the 1918 Colt 1911. The 1911 finish began to change at the request of the military, which was looking for a less reflective option. In mid-1918, in order to expedite production of the pistols the last few finishing steps were […]

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The Colt Delta Elite. You got your chocolate in my peanut butter.

For those looking for the review on the Colt Delta Gen II you can find it by following this link. The Gen II has replaced this Delta Elite in the Colt line up. There are things that are awesome, just by themselves… such as chocolate, peanut butter, the 10mm Auto, and a Colt Government Model. Do […]

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