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Bitterroot Tool and Machine, Alpha Loading Systems.

Bitterroot Tool and Machine, Alpha Loading Systems. Bitterroot Tool and Machine began operation in 1999 in Bitterroot Valley, western Montana. They incorporate precision tooling and a skilled workforce to deliver  quality, reliability and efficiency in the machine and tool industry. Excelling at specialty tool and die manufacture, with innovative approaches. BTM was certified ISO 9001:2008 […]

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Making Good with Range Brass

Making Good with Range Brass I often hear from other shooters or competitors that they never pick up range brass because they have had too many issues.   Being a consumer of range brass with a number of lessons learned I’ve been asked by several friends to write down my routine.  Picking up someone else’s spent […]

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MP .452″ Bullet Mold review

MP .452″ Bullet Mold review I received a two-cavity .45 caliber mold from MP Molds as a test sample. It came packaged with a top punch for the bullet as well as two different inserts to cast different style cavities for the hollow point. The two different inserts for forming the cavity on the bullet. […]

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Get the Lead in, Lyman .40 bullet mold

Your carry pistol should be an extension of yourself.  About the only way I know to gain proficiency with your sidearm is practice. Truthfully, practice is not really enough but perfect practice is really what you should go for. With all that perfect practice comes the expense of ammunition, the greatest cost in regular training […]

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