If you are a true fan of the guns, you must have heard about the 22lr rifle. It is quite popular among many gun lovers who often cannot wait to get their hands on a model. If you are new to the 22lr rifle, you would want to know a few things about it before you can make up your mind about the rifle. Below, we get to look at some of the things that make the 22lr rifle be quite notable among many users.

1. The training

On overall, if you are just starting out to use the guns, then this could be great for you to get introduced to the rifles. The 22lr rifles are often inexpensive, making them quite great for people who are looking to start out.

Do not make the affordability of the rifle make you think they are not great, you will always be impressed by the features and controls you get from the models. A new shooter would easily get to know about the platform and get to learn even more without spending so much.

2. Great for hunting game

It is common to find people with the love of going out and have a great time hunting some small or large game. You would be taking your rifle and ammunition with you. For the full sized rifles, sometimes you will have to spend a lot more when it to the ammunition. That changes when you opt for the 22lr rifle.

The ammunition for the 22lr rifle is often affordable as compared to other types of ammunitions. This means you get to enjoy your hunting time outdoors without having to spend a lot of money on the ammunitions.

3. Great for concealment carry

If you own a gun, it would only make sense if you can carry it around so long as you are licensed. As much as that might sound possible, it is always crucial to have it concealed. You do not want to keep on scaring people wherever you walk around with the gun.

Most of the time you would get the 22lr being compact. Being compact with a decent magazine size makes it great to be used as a concealed carry weapon. You would have to check out several options before you can make up your mind of the best 22lr to choose.

4. It is great for stealth applications

The 22lr rifle would often have a low chamber pressure. With such a feature, the model easily becomes great if you have to silence it. You can also get the subsonic ammunition for the rifle. If you get to choose the right combination of the ammunition and barrel length, the result is that you get a quieter rifle.

Most people who have used it say that its low noise level can be great even without the silencer. If you decide to choose a great silencer, you would be happy to know that it is an almost completely silent rifle.

5. Use if for defense

Well, it might not have the amazing stopping power as some other handguns, but it is surely the cheapest way for you to defend yourself from trouble. You would not have to shell out a lot of money on a high-end model to keep yourself safe.

The 22lr models are known for having a large magazine capacity. Such capacity is important for giving a platform to defend yourself. Of course, no one would want to be shot at whether it is a cheap 22lr or any other type of gun.

6. Control pests around you easily

You will always have an easier time removing pests on your farm whenever you have a 22lr rifle. Some of the things that make it a great choice include the compact nature and quietness. You should be happy with the type of ammunition you can get with the model. The variety of ammunition is important based on the type of pest you have to hunt.

Since the gun is still inexpensive, you would find more people buying them more often and deal with the pest menace on their farms.

7. Multiple accessories available

If you are a person who likes to enjoy some aftermarket accessories with the guns, you would definitely opt for the 22lr rifles. If you check out several gun platforms, it is easy to find the accessories more than other popular rifles. With these accessories, you could always take your shooting skill to another level. Some of the rifle accessories you can get include replacement sights, lasers, slings, and optical sights.

8. Reduced recoil with the model

If you think being cheap is not an incentive enough, then consider the reduced recoil as a way of getting yourself a 22lr rifle today. The reduced recoil level makes it great to train the young and new shooters. The reduced recoil is still great if you are looking to enjoy training without worrying about should or wrist pain in the end.

9. Costs less than many other top models

In the world where there are always new guns with high prices, you would wish for a model which is cheaper. Since the customer demands are also high, you can still get them being made in different variations to meet the customer taste. It is often that you would find them costing a lot less than comparable full-caliber counterparts.

10. It was a generational change

The production did not just start with the 22lr rifle; there were a few other models before we could get to the 22lr rifle. There were the 22 Long and the 22 Extra Long before we could now have the 22lr rifle.


You can never go wrong whenever you get to choose the 22LR rifle. It might not always have the largest power many people desire, but its power is enough to keep you wanting more from the rifle. It might have a few drawbacks here and there, but the overall features you get from the model makes it all worth it buying.


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