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It was about a month ago I was contacted by Swab-its  about their Bore-Tips  cleaning system.  I will be honest, I do not care for cleaning firearms. I look at it as a chore so anything that could make it a bit easier or quicker is all good by me.

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They shipped me a few sizes of Bore-Tips that come ready to be removed from the package and threaded directly to a standard 8×32 cleaning rod. The Bore-Tips take the place of the jag and patch, or the old school eyelet and patch. The Bore-Tips are made of a reusable foam tip that compresses into the bore and expands into the grooves. This gives solid contact to the inside of the bore when cleaning and once you are done they can be washed out and air dried.  The tips are available in .22, .243, .308, .357 (that works with the .355 9mm as well), .40, .45, .50/28 gauge, 20 gauge, and 12 gauge. The shotgun sizes thread to a 5/16×27


Gun-Tips are also available as a reusable option for the cotton swab. They can be had in different sizes and tip styles depending on what you need.


I think my favorite option was the Bore-Stick, that replaces the cleaning rod, jag, and patch for cleaning handguns with a eight inch or shorter barrel for the .45 option. I see this as a good option to keep in the range bag for some quick tidying up.

The line of Bore-Tips and other options provides an option to take some of the hassle out of cleaning guns, while being reusable saves money and creates less waste. So, think of them as the green option for easy gun cleaning. From my experience they work exactly as advertised and clean up pretty quick and are ready for the next job. I believe it would be worth your time to at least check them out next time you are staring at a large pile of nasty cleaning patches.



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  1. willford December 30, 2017 at 6:46 pm #

    Thanks for the site, Just ordered MORE swaps. Thank You Sir

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