Desert Eagle 1911 C 9mm more than just a range gun.

It was some years ago I reviewed the Desert Eagle 1911 G in .45 Auto, you can read that review by following this link.  And I was offered a chance to review the “C” model in 9mm this past SHOT show and I accepted on the spot.

Initial Impressions 

The ejection port is lowered and flaired, you can see here the Bul Transmark rollmark


The rear sight is serrated to combat any flair due to harsh light and is drift adjustable for windage via set screw.


The slide stop is serrated and worked as it should, the extended thumb safety engaged and disengaged with some effort and an audible click.  A deep beavertail grip safety with a palm swell provided a solid purchase and a bit of insurance for reliable disengage.

The aluminum three hole trigger is adjustable for overtravel, breaking clean with four pounds with some take up and over travel.

Everything is good to go after some 350 rounds, while not a tremendous amount of rounds down range if there was a problem it would have shown up by then.

Accuracy chart, 3 rounds fired from a rest at 25 yards

Range Time 


This pistol was 100% reliable over some 350 rounds of various ammunition, proved to be plenty accurate, and was easy enough to carry. Chambered in 9mm it was easy to control and would serve well as a defensive/carry pistol as well as an excellent trainer and range gun. Though maybe a decade or so ago 9mm would not have been my first choice for a defensive round bullet, ammunition technology has came a long way and has made the 9mm Luger a viable defensive round. This pistol was manufactured by Bul Transmark of Israel, imported by Magnum Research, and Bul Transmark has a fine reputation of quality firearms and the DE 1911C is no exception. I would have no issue with carrying or recommending this pistol for defensive or range use, and maybe the local pistol match. All in all I am 100% satisfied with the DE 1911C and how it performed.


Model: DE1911 C9
Action: Single
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Barrel Length: 4.33″ bushingless
Overall length: 7.87″
Slide width: 0.92″
Height: 5.25″
Weight 46.6 ouncesH
Finish: matte black
Stocks: G10
Sights: High profile sculptured rear sight, drift adjustable for windage. Dovetailed front sight blade with horizontal serrations.
MSRP: $831


Magnum Research 

Defender Ammunition 


Granville Gun Works 

CorBon Ammunition 

Sig Ammunition



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