North American Arms Ranger II

It was a couple of months ago the North American Arms Ranger II mini revolver made it’s way to me for a review.  Also recently, I published my review on the TALO edition NAA mini revolver. After about 150 rounds of .22 Magnum between myself and a few of my friends now, let’s go over what I have learned.


This model is a break action, half cocking the hammer and pulling back the latch the revolver hinges open. At the end of the throw, the star ejector pulls the rounds about halfway out of the cylinder.  This makes loading and reloading much faster than the other NAA revolvers.


The little revolver is built solid and is quite attractive. The cylinder has notches machined between the chambers in the cylinder. These are for indexing the hammer mounted firing pin, so you can safely carry the revolver with all five chambers loaded and the firing pin does not rest on the cartridge. Cocking the hammer aligns the cylinder for live fire. The trigger broke clean at eight pounds.

Average five shot group at twenty-one feet, offhand.

.22 WMR ballistic test and comparison. 

Range Time 


The NAA Ranger II is less than ideal for a defensive handgun. Being a .22 Magnum five shot revolver it is lacking in ammunition power, being single action, capacity, and is slow to reload. With the break action feature, it is quicker to reload than the other types of NAA mini revolvers. That begs the question, why even consider owning one. Being the smallest revolver I am aware of it conceals very easily and weighs just over four ounces, which opens the door for that consideration if concealment is paramount. After about 150 rounds downrange between myself and a few friends there were no issues with reliability and we all got the hang of running the mini revolver. Accuracy at twenty-one feet with five shots averaged a six-inch circle. Before all the hate mail flows about caliber wars and capacity keep in mind this may be a viable option for some people, that could serve well as a second or third handgun for those who desire such options. It is always good to have options. This model also comes with a .22 LR cylinder so it can be converted to .22 LR if you so choose.


Caliber: .22 WMR/.22 LR
Capacity: 5
Length: 4.5″
Height: 2.38″
Width: 0.88″
Weight: 4.8 oz.
Barrel Length: 1.63″
Sights: Half-moon Sight
Action: Single Action
Stocks: Wooden


North American Arms 


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  1. Barbara Elliott April 24, 2018 at 10:34 am #

    Good review, Hunter. This video really shows how I need to practice with this one in order to shoot with ease and confidence. Not going to give up, going to practice.


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