Rose gold Ruger LCP II by TALO

It was several months ago I got the rose gold Ruger LCP II by TALO in and over that time we have ran the gun pretty hard and were able to get some solid ideas on where this pistol is at.

First Impressions 

While you get what you get with the grip area it does have texturing where it counts and more of a beavertail that you would expect.

The sights are minimalistic but are functional, and serrated to combat glare.

The six round magazine has a small extension to aid in getting your pinky into the fight. While not the most comfortable pistol in the world to shoot it is not bad at all for the “mouse guns”.

Range Time 


All handguns are a compromise, large handguns offer capacity and comfort while smaller handguns lack a bit in those areas but make up for it in concealability. The LCP II is a fine pistol that is certainly concealable but not being so bad to shoot, which is quite important. Being proficient in your carry gun is of up most priority so buying the ultra concealable pistol that is tough to shoot gives you an excuse not to train. The LCP II is quite shootable and not bad to train with and that coupled with reliability and acceptable accuracy makes it an attractive option as far as handguns go. The .380 Auto can be a viable defensive round, as shown by my ballistic test you can read by following this link.   If you are in the market for a new concealed carry handgun the LCP II is worth looking at and with TALO doing one in rose gold that can appeal to those looking to make a fashion statement with their carry gun. If you don’t care for the color Ruger offers it in black but maybe go against the grain, is rose gold the new black? After about 300 rounds downrange with several shooters and zero issues, I am satisfied with the platform, the color is still up for debate.


Barrel length: 2.75″
Overall length: 5.16″
Width: .82″
Height: 3.6″
Sights: fixed
Caliber: .380 Automatic
Capacity: 6+1
Weight: 10.6 ounces
MSRP: $399



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