My names Zack and I’m a rimfire-aholic…  (crowd response Hi Zack)

Ever since doing an article awhile ago on rimfire suppressors I’ve purchased many rimfire guns. I just love how cheap it is (relatively) to shoot and how accurate they’ve gotten.

My rimfire journey eventually brought me back to the bolt action rifle. I’ve owned a few over the years, but a couple new ones caught my eye. This past fall I ordered a Tikka T1X and a CZ 457. They seem to be similar in many ways and every review you read seems to compare them against each other.

As I was waiting on the rifles to show up I started looking for accessories and upgrades for the rifles. Diversified Innovative Products (DIP) is well known in the rimfire world for their high quality accessories tailored for ‘niche’ guns. It was great to browse their site and find parts for both the CZ 457 and the Tikka T1X. I quickly scanned the pages and pages of offerings and got on order some key components to take my 457 from stock to awesome.

My CZ was the variant that already came with the Boyds AT ONE stock, but if it wasn’t DIP is also a reseller of Boyds stocks.

I did, however, need a way to mount my scope. Being a gun reviewer, I usually have a couple scopes laying around that are all set with Picatinny rings on them, ready to plop on the next review gun. The CZ, on the other hand, comes with a metric dovetail milled into the receiver. Thankfully DIP makes a product to meld the European rail, with my Picatinny rings.

You can see it in the above photo, but it simply slides over the factory receiver and is held in with four setscrews that go directly into the factory CZ receiver holes.

See the DIP scope rails here: CZ 457 25MOA RAIL

The video below shows exactly how to install one.

Now that I had a way to sight the rifle, it was time to upgrade a couple more parts with DIP’s offerings.

The bolt knob on the factory rifle is a simple black sphere. While it works ok, it doesn’t provide as much leverage and heft as the DIP counterpart.

The knob utilizes the factory bolt lever with its slight backswept angle. The installation couldn’t be easier, simply unscrew the factory knob and spin on the DIP knob. To not mar the factory knob I used a set of parallel jaw pliers with a thin piece of rubber between them. The pliers I used can be purchased from Amazon here.

The DIP Excecutive Bolt Knob can be purchased here.

If you are a visual learner I shot a quick video showing the installation….

After I had the scope mounted and the bolt easy to throw, it was time to tackle the magazine release. DIP offers a metal replacement to the plastic CZ part. In addition to the superior material choice, it is also slightly extended. They cannot extend it too far or else it’d hang below the profile of the magazine and that’d create issues of accidental release.

This is the first part that requires you to remove the action from the stock, so while you in there I’d take the opportunity to adjust the trigger to your likening.

You can purchase your own extended magazine catch from DIP here.

I also did an installation video for the mag catch, which can be seen below..

If you’ve never taken a moment to check out Diversified Innovative Products, I would take a look around. They have so many parts for multiple different rimfire guns it’s amazing. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the parts, and how beautifully machined they come. Give them a whirl on your next rimfire project, I’m sure glad I did.


By Zack Carlson

My name is Zack Carlson and firearms have been a hobby since I was a kid. I currently am employed by Lone Wolf Distributors as a Special Projects Manager, encompassing both Production Management and Marketing Management. I enjoy long range rifle shooting and custom pistols. Because of my employment with LWD, I will not write about Glock related product. I do not want there to be any suspicions of a conflict of interest.

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