OSS Suppressors RAD 22, updating the rimfire silencer


It was a couple of months ago I received the OSS Suppressors  RAD 22 for review. Through that time we managed to get between 500 and 600 rounds of .22 LR and .22 WMR.

OSS Suppressors are known for their flow through technology, but the RAD 22 is a little different. While it uses somewhat traditional style baffles OSS calls them Flow Baffle. Instead of just slowing down the gas, the RAD 22 directs the gas to the outside of the can where it is slowed and redirected with the fins on the outside of the Flow Baffles then through the front of the silencer. This keeps the can much cleaner and a bit cooler, but most importantly greatly reduces back pressure and blowback.

Back pressure can cause bolt over speed which could induce a malfunction and blowback causes the silencer and firearm foul quicker. Eliminating a great deal of these can keep your silencer and host firearm cleaner longer. This is primarily true for centerfire firearms and the magnum rimfires but the flow through technology still greatly benefits the .22 Long Rifle. OSS Suppressors says this technology causes greater suppression levels. Measuring the suppression levels with my sound meter gave me an average of 73 decibels of sound to the shooter’s ear. As always, my sound meter does not measure peak sound but measures what the average human hears from the report. I find this information useful, the RAD 22 is one of the quieter rimfire cans I have tested using the Ruger 22/45 MK IV with Winchester subsonic .22LR. It is important to note the RAD 22 has a lifetime warranty.

OSS Suppressors video.


Weight: 6.2 ounces

Length: 5.56 inches

Diameter: 1.08 inches

Materials: 17-4 heat treated steel internals and Titanium can.

Suppression levels: 115-119 db most .22 LR platforms using CCI standard ammunition. 130-133 db on 8″ CMMG 5.7mm rifle

MSRP: $449


OSS Suppressors 

Josh with Spotter Up. 

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