Streamlight TLR-1 HL, add a sun to your gun.

TLR-1 HL-6


In the Marine Corps we generally trained with a separate flashlight from our sidearm so that was the method I became accustomed to. With that in mind, I generally avoided weapon lights. About a year ago I got involved with the Infidel Gunfighter League and many of those matches are shot at night inside a shoot house.

I realized quickly the advantage a weapon light offered over a flashlight when trying to control your sidearm, and there is no good way a separate flashlight would work with a rifle. Needing any advantage I can have, I started shopping around for a solid, bright weapon light for my match pistol.

I stopped in and talked to John at Young Guns as they carry all sorts of weapon lights for about whatever you want to spend. He told me the Streamlight series were tough to beat and sold me on the TLR-1 HL

Contained within the written review are a few videos showing the light in operation as well as the testing. Please watch these videos to get the complete story.

I pressed it into service right away at the next Friday Night Fights match, a night action pistol match consisting of shoot and no-shoot targets inside a shoot house at night. With the match having a light discipline rule, a momentary switch was a must, and I quickly found that the light worked best for me with the strobe disabled.

A have run a dozen or so matches as well as many practice sessions with it attached to my Glock 17, (reviewed here).

I decided to try the light on the hardest kicking pistol I have access to with a rail. The Desert Eagle in 50AE which I am currently reviewing. I have also tried it on the Glock 29 and Glock 20 10mm Auto, Colt M45 A1 (reviewed here), Chiappa Rhino (reviewed here),  and the CZ SP09.

TLR-1 HL-4

TLR-1 HL-3

TLR-1 HL-2

The light hung onto all the pistols tried straight out of the box, but the light comes with different inserts for the mount to customize the fit, if need be.

TLR-1 HL-8

So with several matches, many practice sessions, and a handful of different guns tried with the TLR-1 I decided to test the weather sealing and water proofing.

TLR-1 HL-10

TLR-1 HL-11

The battery door was at the rear, and is weather sealed. It is held in place with a spring steel clip keeping the batteries in and Mother Nature out.


Weapon mounted lights have become very popular over the past decade or so since many pistols are coming from the factory with rails. With that has come an infusion of lights to the market. Many of them are of good quality and some not so much, so it pays to do your homework. I spent some time asking questions when I settled on the TLR-1 HL. I have been using this particular light about six months now and am on my fourth set of CR 123 batteries. I believe the estimated battery life to be close to correct. Through local pistol matches, some training classes, and practice the light has preformed well. I would advise to keep an extra set of batteries handy, when the batteries begin to go, they go quickly.

TLR-1 HL-7

I like having the momentary switch as well as the option of disabling the strobe feature. The TLR-1 HL ships with the strobe enabled and with a quick double press of the momentary switch the light strobes.


  • C4® LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime
  • 12,000 candela peak beam intensity and up to 630 lumens.
  • TIR optic produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination
  • Run Time: 1.25 hours regulated run time. Solid-state current regulation for consistent illumination level
  • Powered by two 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries with 10-year storage life
  • Rail grip clamp system securely attaches/detaches quickly and safely with no tools and without putting your hands in front of muzzle
  • Mounts directly to handguns with Glock-style rails and to all MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails.
  • Includes keys for Glock-style, Picatinny, Beretta 90two, S&W 99 and S&W TSW
  • Machined aluminum sealed construction with black anodized finish
  • Ambidextrous momentary/steady on/off switch
  • User programmable strobe can be enabled/disabled
  • Fits existing light bearing holsters
  • 3.39” (8.61 cm); 4.18 oz (118.6 grams)
  • Operating temperature: -40°F to +120°F.
  • IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Lithium Battery Notice under TECH DOCS
  • Remote switches are available as optional accessories and must be used in conjunction with 69130 remote door switch. All switches and door switch are sold separately. Reference TLR Accessories Brochure in DOCS/INFO tab for more information.
  • Long Gun Kit available (#69262). Kit includes TLR-1 HL with thumb screw, “safe off” door switch, remote pressure switch and mounting clips, and two 3V CR123A lithium batteries. Also includes a standard door switch and rail-locating keys for mounting to a variety of guns.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Assembled in USA



Kahr Arms


Colt Manufacturing


Defender Ammunition

By Hunter Elliott

I spent much of my youth involved with firearms and felt the call early on to the United States Marine Corps, following in my father's and his brother's footsteps. Just after high school I enlisted and felt most at home on the rifle range, where I qualified expert with several firearms and spent some time as a rifle coach to my fellow Marines. After being honorably discharged I continued teaching firearm safety, rifle and pistol marksmanship, and began teaching metallic cartridge reloading. In the late 1990s I became a life member to the National Rifle Association and worked with the Friends of the NRA. Around that time my father and I became involved with IDPA and competed together up until he passed away. I began reviewing firearms for publications in the mid 2000s and have been fortunate to make many friends in the industry. Continuing to improve my firearms skills and knowledge is a never ending journey in which we should all be committed. I am also credited as weapons master on a few independent films.

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  1. It’s still nice to know you have the training if you don’t have a mounted light or your equipment fails.

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