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Trouble Shooting Steps for the AR family of Rifles

As the operator of a Modern Sporting Rifle you are responsible for keeping the firearm system clean and operational at all times! One of the major mistakes owners of the AR-15 platform is over lubrication the rifle / carbine. Over lubrication can cause hydra locks, this is a situation when lubrication is between the cartridge […]

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Odin Works XMR2 Review

I recently wrote a review of the Norgon Ambidextrous magazine catch/release for the AR15, and I mentioned how I paired it with the Odin Works XMR2 (Xtended Magazine Release version 2). Odin works has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now, and about 2 years ago, I got to get my […]

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Say No To Trigger Trash

Say No To Trigger Trash An Ethical Responsibility for Recreation Target Practice Throughout the west both the BLM and the United States Forest Service note that they do not have staff or money to manage the clean-ups. Both the BLM and the USFS believe in community outreach through public education and have invested in campaigns […]

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