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.40 Smith and Wesson ballistic test, updated.

.40 smith and Wesson ballistics test As one of the most popular defensive calibers it is only logical to include it in the series of ballistic tests I have performed. First, a little history on the .40 S&W, In 1986 Michael Lee Platt and William Russell Matix (men who had met and became friends in […]

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Trouble Shooting Steps for the AR family of Rifles

As the operator of a Modern Sporting Rifle you are responsible for keeping the firearm system clean and operational at all times! One of the major mistakes owners of the AR-15 platform is over lubrication the rifle / carbine. Over lubrication can cause hydra locks, this is a situation when lubrication is between the cartridge […]

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Vortex Strikefire 2. The budget friendly red dot that could.

So in today’s world, with how many companies are jumping on the tacticool operators operating operationally bandwagon, there are many optics companies that make cheap, “budget friendly” optics for those of us that often are unable to drop $600 on a Aimpoint T1 micro. Of course, the Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is a very […]

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MILO Simulation Training for Police or Concealed Carry Holders.

I recently had a dangerous incident at my security job where I almost had to shoot a person with a knife that was about to attack her boyfriend. The scare served as a bold reminder that a self defense situation could arise at any time, and that my chances of survival would be best served […]

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