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Liberty Suppressors Infinity X Lightweight

Liberty Suppressors has reintroduced the multi-caliber Infinity X Lightweight with some upgrades, such as the titanium monocore baffle system and the same mounting system as the Mystic X and the Centurion. Here you will find the list of the calibers the Infinity X and Mystic X are rated for. During the review, I used the […]

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Liberty Suppressors Sovereign, .30 cal can on a diet.

Liberty Suppressors introduces the Sovereign, a small lightweight silencer rated up to and including the 300 Winchester Magnum. To save weight and cost the silencer body and baffle stack is made from titanium. The end cap that affixes to the rifle is stainless steel and the muzzle end cap is made from aluminum. The silencer does not […]

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DB Foam from Inland, for your silencer

  DB Foam was introduced at SHOT show 2017 by Inland Manufacturing.    The foam is designed to be sprayed into your room temperature silencer to displace the oxygen, eliminating first round pop,  and adding an average of three to five decibels of suppression to your silencer from a ten round string. DB Foam is water […]

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Liberty Suppressors Triumph, taming the boom stick.

I have become very fond of the Barnes Precision Machine 7.5″ SBR in 5.56×45, which you can see reviewed by following this link.  I started carrying that SBR as I reviewed it and came to realize the advantage of carrying a small carbine as a defensive firearm, but also realized the need for a silencer on such […]

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Liberty Suppressors Centurion

The Liberty Centurion was introduced by Liberty Suppressors SHOT Show 2016 and I immediately requested a test sample. I worked with the Liberty Suppressors Cosmic the first of this year, and you can read that review by following this link. Though the Centurion has a 9mm bore it is compatible with smaller calibers. Most pistol […]

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SHOT Show 2016

Day 1 of SHOT show, description under photos. Click the link for new products from Colt, CZ, Inland, Hi-Point, Kel-Tec. Liberty Suppressors, Barnes Precision Machine, and Lone Wolf. Day 2 of SHOT show, description under photos,  Click the link for new products from Ruger, Magnum Research, Kahr Arms, Springfield, American Tactical, Canik, Century Arms, Glock, Black Rain Ordnance, […]

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Liberty Suppressors’ Cosmic, more than you think.

Liberty Suppressors’ Cosmic, more than you think. I received a brand new silencer from Liberty Suppressors, the Cosmic to check it out and see what is what. It is a user serviceable silencer with a .45 caliber bore. Now this can is rated for some high pressure cartridges such as the .454 Casull and 300 Blackout […]

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