Upgrading the CZ SP01 Tactical with Cajun Gun Works

It was close to the end of last year when I reviewed the CZ SP 01 Tactical. You can read that review by following this link.  I was thoroughly satisfied with that pistol, other than the lack of a threaded barrel, and bought the test sample from CZ.

I ran the gun for a while after the review still without issue, but while talking to my friend Zack at CZ, he suggested I reach out to Cajun Gun Works. I was a bit skeptical as the SP 01 is an excellent pistol in its own right, and really how much could it be improved upon? I decided to give it a try. After calling them telling them what I had going on, we talked about what they had available for the SP 01 Tactical, which you can see by following this link. We settled on the Pro-Package with the Decocker Installation Kit, Floating Trigger Pin, and the SP 01 threaded barrel. This is a very comprehensive series of upgrade parts.  The folks at Cajun Gun Works are easy to deal with and are quite knowledgeable, but at this point, I was still quite skeptical, and it was going to take some real improvement to convince me. I had my doubts it would be worth it but kept an open mind.

After watching a few tutorials Chad and I managed to get all the parts swapped in, but it took about an hour and a half. Now we were taking our time and going back and forth watching tutorials. I expect it could be done in less than an hour if you had done it a few times. It was truly not that difficult, and with any minor skills, I expect most can do it at home. I highly recommend the Decocker Installation Kit, some of the pins are staked, and it took that punch to get the pins out. The trigger and sear cage slave pins make installation much more manageable.

I also swapped in some Alumagrips, the Tactical Checkered in olive drab.  While the factory CZ stocks are functional, the Alumagrips are far more comfortable and affords a better purchase, in my opinion.

All the old parts still looked to be in great shape, so they were put away, except for the original trigger pin. We mangled that thing getting it out, so the Floating Trigger Pin is almost a must. The upgraded parts are every bit as good as Cajun Gun Works says they are, but if you are taking on upgrading any of your CZ pistols with their parts, I suggest you call them first for advice and recommendations.

Here is the Cajun Gun Works claim on the Pro-Package Fits all 75 Series Decockers, SP-01 Tactical, 75BD, P-01, PCR.
Everything you need to convert your CZ over to our famous Pro-Package.
Delivers an 8lb DA, 3lb 8 oz SA, cuts the SA reset 50%, and moves the trigger rearward 5mm in the hammer down position.

We took the pistol out, ran it for a couple of hundred rounds, mounted the Liberty Suppressors Infinity X silencer on it, then mounted the Tyrant Designs Uni-Comp compensator and ran it for a couple more hundred rounds, the pistol ran without issue. It did not take but a few magazines through the gun to satisfy me; the upgrade was totally worth it. Once I was sure everything was working and in order, I measured the trigger pulls, and they matched the claims of Cajun Gun Works. Several other folks ran the pistol, and all agreed the trigger pull was vastly improved. The adjustable trigger allowed me to set the take-up and reset, and moving its reward made the gun much more comfortable to shoot for those with medium and smaller hands.

You can read the review of the Liberty Suppressors Infinity X review by following this link. 

If you are considering souping up your CZ pistol, I strongly recommend Cajun Gun Works; they have parts for most all CZ handguns. After my Pro-Package upgrade and the Alumagrips, my SP 01 Tactical is a much-improved pistol.



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