XS DXT2 Big Dot night sights.

It was about a year ago I reviewed the then new F8 sights from XS, you can read that review by following this link.  For the record, those sights are still on that Glock 19 and have still not given any trouble. It was a couple of months ago the new XS DXT2 Big Dot night sights showed up. They were easily installed on my Glock 28 and we took some time to see what was what. I also thought it was a good idea to compare them to the F8 sights as well.

The Big Dot is 0.188″ with a photoluminescent orange dot adding contrast to the center night sight.

T The rear sight is a gentle U shape with a white line and tritium insert. This set up is a “dot the i” sight alignment. This makes for a quick flash sight picture that would work well for a defensive pistol.

The front sight is small enough to keep from snagging during the draw.

The rear sight is small to help stop snags but has enough of a ledge to use to rack the slide, if need be.

The XS DXT2 sights did not interfere with holstering in my Alien Gear holster.

The rear sight is drove in the Glock dovetail and secured by two set screws.


Comparing the F8 sights to the DXT2

The DXT2 sights are great for a quick sight picture on your defensive pistol using the “dot the i” sight picture but are precise enough to put accurate rounds downrange.


  • Big Dot – Remains visible under stress when focus is drawn downrange. Outside diameter 0.188″
  • Orange Front Sight – High-contrast color designed for maximum visibility in bright to low light
  • Glow Dot – Convex photoluminescent dot absorbs light and glows in low light levels
  • Tritium Powered Front & Rear Sight – Glows in low light to aid in sight alignment
  • V-Notch Rear – Low-profile V provides greater visibility of objects downrange of front sight
  • Dot-the-“i” Sight Picture – Straight line sight picture with differentiated front and rear sight prevents shooters from confusing the front and rear sight
  • Rear Sight White Outline – Aids in rear sight identification for proper sight alignment
  • Rear Sight Ledge – Aids in one-handed slide manipulations
  • 10 Year Warranty – No Questions Asked night sight warranty
  • Fits in common holsters
  • $132.00


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  1. WWIII January 10, 2019 at 11:38 am #

    I bought some Ameriglo’s that are similar for 2 of my Glocks. (supposedly FBI spec) That orange ring is right out there. The U-notch in the sights you show is probably better for accuracy. Mine have the squared off Glock style rear. The orange is not visible at night unless you have a flashlight then it just POPS!

    Good article, thanks!

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