Fort Mill Munitions 9mm Luger ammunition test


Fort Mill Munitions 9mm Luger ammunition test

In this day and age when ammunition prices are through the roof there are options to help shore up your ammunition budget. One such option is shooting re-manufactured ammunition that is cheaper than brand new and just as safe and reliable if it is done right.

The good folks at Fort Mill Munitions were good enough to send me and my friends at Carolina Shooters Club several boxes of re-manufactured test ammunition for upcoming reviews, and just in time for me as I was wrapping up the Hi-Point review of their 9mm Luger pistol and carbine and could use the test ammo. I have established the two Hi Points to be reliable and I brought along the CZ 75 B and  Glock 17 Gen 4 pistols (both were test samples that found their way into my possession). You can read the review of the CZ 75 B Omega by following this link and the Glock 17 by following this link. Clinton Jamieson, a fellow reviewer, also brought along his Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. These pistols have been proven more than reliable so if there is any malfunction using the ammunition we would have good reason to believe that would be ammunition related.  I have used re-manufactured ammunition before in several gun reviews over the past decade and generally have never had issues with it, but QC is imperative.

I took delivery of three boxes of 9mm Luger ammunition from Fort Mill Munitions: 115gr, 124gr, and 147gr. It was not long after that I took the firearms and ammunition to the range to see how it all shook out.

fort mill munitions accuracy and velocity

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We started the test with shooting three rounds of each bullet weight at twenty-five yards through each of the five test firearms. You can see the results from the above chart. Also listed is velocity averages from handguns only.

After those rounds were tested we then alternated between the five test firearms until the supply was exhausted. During the test there were no failures and velocities and accuracy seemed consistent.


All in all we were pleased with the performance of the test rounds sent to Fort Mill Munitions also remanufactures .380 Auto and .45 Auto rounds. The prices are reasonable and availability is current. I intent to use them as an outlet for further firearm tests.





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